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Expert Panel of Solicitors

Being involved in a road traffic accident fortunately doesn’t happen very often, however when it does we appreciate that many victims don’t really know what to do and need someone to turn to for help and to answer the many questions they may have, especially if any of the occupants in the car were injured.

That’s why Spectra Drive have an expert panel of solicitors who are specialists in the end to end management of injury claims relating to road traffic accidents.  

Working on a no win no fee basis, the solicitor will work to ensure that the victim is offered the highest level of care and attention.   This often involves arranging and managing the initial medical assessment, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and ongoing treatment of the injury. 

If you have incurred any other losses such as loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses, damage to personal effects, cancellation of a holiday due to the injury, damage to a child seat in the car or even the damaged golf clubs that were in the boot the solicitor will help to ensure that these losses receive compensation.