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Vehicle Fleets

At Spectra Drive we know that time is money for our fleet and business partners, so our prime focus when managing their road traffic incidents is to get their drivers back on the road and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.

We have developed a dedicated fleet service that allows us to take the hassle of having an accident off your shoulders and onto ours.

Let us do our job, so we can quickly get you back to yours.

Our dedicated claims team will take the details of the incident and all parties involved and will then manage the claim throughout while keeping your driver or fleet manager informed as to the status of the claim. They will liaise with insurers, repairers and replacement vehicle suppliers and ensure that timescales and costs are kept to a minimum.

Keeping repair times and therefore vehicle off the road times to a minimum is essential in reducing the costs associated with providing a replacement vehicle.

Our panel of motor engineers assess the damaged vehicle, together we then decide on the best and most cost effective option for repairing the vehicle -this may involve the use of the latest SMART repair technology.

Following an accident where you driver is at fault its essential that the claim is reported as soon as possible. Once reported we will contact the other party and offer them service whether it’s a replacement vehicle or repair management.

Any delays will have the potential to increase costs by allowing other accident and claims management companies to offer hire and repair at significant cost to You the insured party

If required our team of experts are there to help with any losses such as loss of earnings, damage to goods and personal effects.